Does Prime Minister Harper Give a "Rat's Ass" About Political Interference in The RCMP? He Should!

Public Works Canada has committed to placing greater ethical reliance on its clothing procurement contracts for the RCMP, prison guards and park wardens. Do I smell a rat- a muskrat that is?

In August, 2014, RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson corresponded with animal rights groups like the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals to inform them that the RCMP would be significantly reducing its reliance on muskrat pelts to manufacture the winter hats for its members. That decision was based on consultations with stake holders including changing public views about using traps to kill animals. In the blink of an eye, that decision was overturned by the Prime Minister's inner political circle. The RCMP Commissioner obediently complied with the direction of his political masters.

It appears that some of these politicians don't give a "rat's ass" and simply view the RCMP like any other government department meant to obediently serve its political masters? Should they give a "rat's ass"?

The RCMP has been investigating the "Senate Expense Scandal" and charges have been laid against one senator who will face trial in the spring. If the inner circle of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is perceived to have such tight administrative rein and influence over the RCMP and its daily operations, can that perception be transferred to having direct influence and control over RCMP criminal investigations? We may not have to wait long for the answer. It appears that the stage is set for one Canadian senator to reveal more than what the PMO bargained for at the upcoming trial in the spring.

The PMO should be worried- very worried.

Mel Young

Retired RCMP S/Sgt.