RCMP Investigate Senate Expenses But RCMP Executive Expenses NOT investigated

The RCMP Financial Crimes Program has been mandated to investigate corporate and political fraud in Canada and criminal charges have recently been laid in several high profile cases. The organizational power that comes with the RCMP's investigative mandate must be tempered with a real and perceived incorruptible ethical responsibility free of political and institutional interference. That ethical responsibility does not end with the professional integrity of the investigators who work to gather crucial evidence. It must extend to the inner fabric of the RCMP which proclaims itself to be "an organization of excellence".

The RCMP may not have "clean hands" at the organizational level. In 2005 and 2011 I disclosed that a secret financial arrangement existed between certain RCMP executives with a major hotel in the Toronto area. RCMP executives were allegedly receiving hefty discounts beyond those established by the Treasury Board of Canada if they stayed at the hotel using a fake company name. I refused to participate in what I believed was potentially criminal behaviour. The company name being used is actually located in the United States.

After I complained about the behavior, the RCMP Executive Director of the program in Ottawa emailed me to "instruct" me that this behaviour was acceptable and that his unit was simply carrying on a tradition established by another RCMP program to avoid identifying RCMP members. Neither RCMP unit is considered undercover where RCMP members needed to conceal their identities or use fake company names when staying at hotels. There would be no legal justification for any RCMP member to use a fake company name when reserving hotel rooms on normal government business. I continue to believe this behaviour warrants a criminal investigation.

My allegation presented many unanswered questions:

- Why were certain RCMP executives using a fake company name to stay at a hotel in Toronto?

- Which RCMP executives were/are engaged in this secret practice?

- Do other hotel chains have the ability to compete for Government of Canada business when RCMP executives maintain secret relationships with specific corporations in Canada?

- Are any independent review processes/safeguards in place to ensure that RCMP executives are not receiving kickbacks or corporate gifts as result of the secret corporate relationship?

- Is the Office of The Auditor General of Canada able to conduct a proper audit of the RCMP expense claims when a fake company name was being used by RCMP executives?

- Which RCMP executives established the secret relationship with the hotel and how was it established?

- Did the RCMP know that a company by the same name actually existed in the United States and that company may have been placed at risk?

- Why would certain RCMP executives submit 1393 expense claims with receipts showing fake company names?

- Why would senior RCMP officials sign off on expense claims knowing that fake names were being used?

-For how long have expense claims been submitted by RCMP officers as official government documents?

The contents disclosed herein were again sent to the Minister of Justice, The Honourable Peter MacKay requesting an independent criminal investigation but he quickly referred the the matter to the Minister of Public Safety, The Honourable Steven Blaney. 

A reply has not yet been received.

Mel Young

Retired RCMP Staff Sergeant